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Rust is a major cause of many vehicles losing their value and becoming redundant.
This results in increased costs to farmers, industry, commerce and private users. Generally though, the engines and mechanical parts will last indefinitely - that is where MBOZA steps in... We replace the rusted or damaged body with a top quality fibreglass bakkie, panel van, station wagon, jeep or truck.


What are the options?

Conversion: Do you have a mechanically sound vehicle with a rusted body? Deliver it to MBOZA to be converted into the chosen model using our wide selection of bodies. This option includes stripping the vehicle, rubberising the chassis, supplying and fitting the body, new windscreen, tail lamps and headlamps, refitting the existing wiring and seats so that your "new" vehicle is ready to be driven away. Not included would be mechanical repairs, upholstery, carpeting, extra seats, wheels and other accessories which, if required, can all be undertaken as extras by MBOZA.

Complete Vehicle: This option is for the customer who does not supply a vehicle to MBOZA and wishes to simply purchase a complete vehicle from us. The vehicle will then be supplied to the customer complete with upholstery, carpeting, wide wheels, rear seat, and a 20,000km or 12 month guarantee.

Some Benefits to Consider:

  1. The fibreglass bodies are virtually everlasting, meaning that you only have to take mechanical repairs and maintenance into account.

  2. Increased loading capacity. Because Mbozas are approximately 400kg lighter, you can safely carry an extra 400kg load.

  3. Improved power to weight ratio means fuel savings.

  4. You save a huge amount of cash by replacing only the body instead of the entire vehicle.

  5. You will have peace of mind knowing your investment canít be eaten away by rust.

Our many satisfied customers include: Mondi, Natal Parks Board, SATS, Eskom, Municipalities, De Beers, General Mining, Civil Engineers, Provincial Administration, Water Board, Iscor, Sasko, Fishing Clubs, SAPPI, Hultrans, Tongaat, Telkom, Anglo American and Mobil Oil.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are the bodies not weak, being fibreglass?

A. Mboza bodies are designed and built to work - we do not build beach-buggies. Although our vehicles perform well on the beach, they are essentially designed for industrial applications.

Q. In the event of damage, can the body be repaired?

A. Yes, repairs are relatively simple and approximately 80% cheaper.

Q. Are the bodies painted?

A. The basic colour of the vehicle is impregnated. To customise or stripe, we use an epoxy type paint which is highly durable.

Q. But what happens in an accident?

A. Any vehicle can be damaged in an accident but we are confident that you are not at any greater risk in an Mboza.

Q. Why do we say that?

A. Consider the following:



Tensile Strength:

900 MPa

240 MPa

Impact Strength:

 250 kJ/m

50 kJ/m


Fibreglass Section

Mild Steel Section



Mild Steel



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